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intellehubCritical Communications Solutions

Intellehub provide TETRA and DMR solution to our clients. TETRA for Critical Infrastructure is the secure and reliable communication and workflow management solution for large, self-contained infrastructures. It sets up a targeted communication cell in even the most extreme locations and provides intelligent features to enable safe and economical operations. Critical Infrastructure (TCI) sets up a safe, secure and streamlined communication network in even the most extreme locations. It is based on the mission critical, wireless industry standard “Terrestrial Trunked Radio” (TETRA) and consists of a variety of powerful applications for voice and data communications as well as workflow and workforce management.

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a standard for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) users. It is specifically targeted at systems where analogue PMR is currently applied and designed to deliver digital voice, data and other supplementary solutions in a simple and low cost manner.

Part of the offering is also to provide Site Surveys and assessment. These Site Surveys perform a need analysis, a complete inspection of the site to determine the required infrastructure required for the deployment of a TETRA, DMR and Microwave solution. Part of the Site Survey is also to determine Radio site and the availability of Radio Frequencies.

Intellehub assists in the defining and execution of ICT strategies that meet Business Objectives.

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