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intellehubForeign Object Debris Solution for Aviation

The Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on runways and taxiways costs airlines millions each year in damage caused to aircraft. Threats from FOD can consist of very small items where early detection is paramount, particularly on runways during take-off and landing in order that risk to passenger safety is mitigated. Presence of Foreign object debris (FOD) at airport runways is an immense threat to flight safety operation.

Such unwanted objects may cause potential damage to the aircraft during critical phases like take-off and landing. Due to the miniaturized nature of FOD parts, a very high resolution sensor is required to resolve and locate such objects with higher extent of accuracy such as less than 1 meter. The proposed solution is a cost-effective, scalable radar platform into two runway-scanning configurations; the stationary radar setup and the bespoke mobile radar setup.

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