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intellehubLocation and Telematics Solutions

Our Location and Telematics solution is based on field asset hardware, server software and back-end applications. We also design, develop and manufacture customised telematics platforms. This includes a highly successful track record producing many millions of highly reliable telematics & tracking units, additionally, we integrate with 3rd party telematics hardware, advising and providing appropriate solutions for cellular and TETRA technologies.

This Location and Telematics solution focusses on vehicle insurance, enterprise and fleet management environments. The solutions are typically based on deployment of a large data management server platform developed for telematics and resource tracking a software system that is proven in the field for many years, supporting extremely high volumes of concurrently tracked assets. We also provide a wide range of support for sensors, telematics, tracking and other data-related solutions based on numerous wireless communications technologies.

Intellehub assists in the defining and execution of ICT strategies that meet Business Objectives.

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