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Intellehub provide Safe and Smart City solutions to our customers with considerations of providing the required key technologies to provide effective public safety solutions to prevent incidents and to provide the necessary capability to respond to any time of emergencies within the city detected by security technologies. The aim of a safe city is not only to prevent and to respond to emergencies but also to collect evidence with regards the specific incident or incidents that happened in the city.

The reason for going on a smart city initiatives, is whether to improving pollution levels, to control waste disposal or to monitor traffic conditions, and to perform analytics across all data that’s capture from sensors such as Machine to Machine or IoT devices.  

To converge the physical and the digital via data analytics, improve efficiency, drive economic benefits and improve overall performance of the city. 

Artificial intelligence will play a huge role in Safe and Smart cities that are being designed and constructed today.

Intellehub assists in the defining and execution of ICT strategies that meet Business Objectives.

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